USB 3.0 Dual role mode possible?

Hi all,

I saw multiple posts about USB3.0/… But no real concrete answer to following question:
Is it possible to implement USB3.0 dual role mode? (not usb 2.0 otg or something).

Thanks in advance!

If dual mode means Jetson Nano is in host and device modes at the same time, this is not supported.

Hi DaneLLL,

Thanks for your reply. Let me sketch the situation with a bit more detail - there seems to be quite some confusion with USB2, OTG, USB3, DRP, etc etc.

General notes:

  • this is not about the DK systems, but rather based on a custom carrier for the Nano/XavierNX

  • the end goal here is getting transfer speeds from the Jetson TO a PC/laptop of 5Gbps

  • the ‘flash port’ (USB_0), which on the DK is also a USB2.0 OTG capable is not important. If it needs to be disabled to enable SuperSpeed - no problem.

Ideal scenario:

We put together the USB_SS and the USB2 ports + a “Dual-role port (DRP) controller” (HD3SS3220) on a USB-C connector. The Jetson system has two modes - when e.g. a ‘flash drive’ is connected it works as a host, when a laptop is connected it works as a device. The “DRP controller” helps managing the CC lines etc. This is currently implemented in our hardware.

OK scenario:

The Jetson serves purely, fixed-mode, as a USB3 device. Connecting a ‘flash drive’ doesn’t work. Connecting a laptop works at USB3 SuperSpeed. The linux ‘gadget’ system works as expected.

The question is, therefore: Does the XUSB controller support the USB3/USB-C DRP mode?

If yes, do you perhaps have an example of how to configure it?

If no, is there an example of using the USB3 in a SuperSpeed “device” mode? According to the TRM it should be supported, there is also a mention of ‘either USB2 or USB3 interface can be active’ - how can you switch to the USB3 one?

Thanks in advance!

The modes are advancing and mat not work properly on Jetson Nano. We would suggest run as the developer kit to have USB3 host mode and USB2 device mode.

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