USB 3.0 port missing on Jetson Nano 2gb

No matter which of 3 usb ports I connect to on Jetson Nano 2gb
lsusb shows that usb device is connected to Bus 001 (USB 2.0)

tried many devices usb3 flash drive, usb 3 webcam, usb 3 video capture card, usb 3 harddisk…they all show up on usb 2?

If you run the command “lsusb -t”, then you will get a “tree” view of devices. At the end of the line for each device you will see a speed rating. For example “12M” for USB1.1 (12Mbit/s), “480M” (480Mbit/s) for USB2, and 5000M for USB3.

If the root HUB shows as 5000M, then you have USB3 available. If an entry below this is 480M, then it means that either (a) the device is a USB2 device, or (b) the device has throttled back to the slower speed due to signal quality issues. You might show a copy and paste of the “lsusb -t”.

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