USB 3.0 Device support in Jetson TX2 NX

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I would like to know about the USB 3.0 device mode support in Jetson TX2 NX.In peripheral interface specification ,it states that USB 3.0 supports host mode and nothing says about the device mode support.Does it support device mode also?

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It is same as Xavier NX and Jetson Nano. If you connect host PC to micro-B port on TX2 NX, it enters device mode.

USB3.0 device mode is not supported on TX2 NX developer kit. Would need to have proper hardware design and modify device tree accordingly.

Okay .Thank you

FYI, the micro-OTG port itself is why it can’t reach USB3…it lacks the wires for it (at least on dev kits). A port must be a device port, plus support the speed needed. The OTG port is special because it accepts either device or host connectors, but has an ID pin to tell the system which it is.

That said, if you build your own carrier board (or buy a third party carrier board with the right USB3 type-B connector…and I don’t know if anyone makes such a board), then you can have USB3 device mode.

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