TX2 in usb device mode

I want Jetson TX2 to work in usb device mode . which cable should be used to connect Jetson TX2 as USB gadget to host PC. which port among USB0,USB1,USB2,USB3 should be selected and which cable should be used for the same.

Usb device mode has hardware dependency…

Thus, you need to make sure the hardware is correct first. For example, you won’t see a type A usb port is running as device mode as the id pin is gone.

Can i use Micro USB port instead of USB type A port to connect TX2 to Host PC so that Tx2 can be used in device mode?

That is the whole point…only the micro-OTG port has the wiring to allow a type-B connector, and only a type-B connector can be a device. No type-A connector can ever be a device.

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