Tx2 not shown as usb device on host PC

I want Tx2 to be detected as usb device on Host PC… How to achieve that? Can i use micro usb port to connect Tx2 to host PC so that it willbe detected as usb device on host PC?

One end of USB is always host mode, the other device mode. The use of a micro-B USB connector at the Jetson end (the micro-OTC socket) allows device mode. You would have to do some programming to decide which kind of device. Under Linux “standard” device types have a bit of a shortcut framework known as the “gadget” system. This is something of a “template” so you would still have some work ahead of you.

Jetsons do come with a demo of some gadget mode abilities. See “/opt/nvidia/l4t-usb-device-mode”. One of the gadgets set up there is to pretend it is a network device, and this is what allow the USB to become IP address on the Jetson, and IP address on the host. There is also a sample bulk storage which has a README file in it. It is a nice starting point demo.

Just asking for it to be a “device” leaves a lot of questions as to which type of device. The Jetson is itself no different than any other host PC which has a micro-OTG port (or a port capable of a type-B cable), so any docs you read about this will work regardless of whether this is to be implemented on a Jetson versus any other Linux computer. The trick is that most PC motherboards you will find do not have anything which accepts a type-B connector of any size (such connectors tend to be the realm of smart phones, tablets, and general “devices”).

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