TX1 works as a USB device via USB micro port on the board

I know that TX1 can be found as a USB device in recovery mode while can’t in normal mode.However, there is sever independent MCUs in our product,which TX1 is just one of them.Sometimes TX1 should be a USB device to be written by another MCU that runs Linux too.I try to do this but fail.I want to know that if there is any similar case ,some suggestions or some code resource for me.

You might find what you need in this thread:

FYI, the kernel code which supports a framework for device mode is the “gadget” interface. You would put the Jetson in device mode instead of host mode, but then you would also need to make whatever additional changes are to set the device up as the kind of device you are interested in (e.g., to make the Jetson look like an ethernet device or mass storage would require additional changes described in the gadget framework of the Linux kernel).