Enable USB 3.0 device mode on TX2


I want to enable device mode for the USB 3.0 port on TX2.
But I was not able to find any threads to enable the same.

I found posts https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/952472/jetson-tx1/jtx1_usb_as-device/2 to do the same on TX1. But I do not understand the patches, so I would need help to port these patches to work for TX2. If someone has a working patch for TX2, please do share it.

Any help is appreciated :)

I could be wrong, but I believe the full-sized connectors cannot be used as device mode. These are type-A, and only a type-B is technically valid as a device. The micro-OTG port has the ability to use either a micro-A or a micro-B connector, but there is a detect pin on this for the system to know which type is plugged in. The full-sized connectors have no such pin. Someone else would have to answer as to whether this could be forced (you’d have to make an invalid custom cable with type-A to type-A and cut the +5V line).

If you are building your own custom carrier board, then that is a different story.

This thread talks about using both the micro USB and USB 3.0 port to run USB 3.0 in device mode for TX1.

I am trying to find out if something similar is possible on TX2.

The micro-USB is wired to allow device mode, the full-size type-A ports are not wired for that. The micro-USB port is not wired for USB3. You would probably have to create your own carrier board.

Please refer to
It is quick solution for verifiying the functionality on developer kit. As @linuxdev suggests, please have your own custom board with standard USB ports.