Jetson TX2 USB 2/3 connection

We are making a carrier card around Jetson TX2 module. I have following question wr.t VBUS detect and USB_OTG_ID pin.

  1. We are supporting only host mode. In this case, do we need to connect USB0_VBUS_DET to the load switch output?

Can someone explain, how does the transition between device mode to host mode happen based on USB0_VBUS_DET input

  1. We are not using USB_OTG_ID pin. Can we leave this NC. Will host mode work appropiately if this pin is NC>


For host/device mode switch, please check [For an OTG (On-The-GO) Port] in adaptation guide:
If you run in host mode only, you can simple set

usb2-0 {
    status = "okay";
    <b>mode = "host";</b>
    vbus-supply = <&vdd_usb0_5v>;
    nvidia,oc-pin = <0>;

disable xudc@3550000

xudc@3550000 {
    <b>status = "disabled";</b>

and remove extcon-* in xhci@3530000

xhci@3530000 {
    <s>extcon-cables = <&vbus_id_extcon 1>;</s>
    <s>extcon-cable-names = "id";</s>
    <s>#extcon-cells = <1>;</s>