Enabling USB on customized carrier


I’m new to this Jetson development world and try to enable USB on our customized board. I found this:

and this:

but i don’t know where to start. where i found the dts/dtsi files? where is /hardware folder? i download the sdk and also download L4T from here:

and can’t find this folders and files or any clear guide that tells me how to change this parameter. it all fractions of guides and instructions. please guide me from where I need to start.
Thank you.

You would need to modify device tree accordingly. Please refer to adaptation guide:

Some examples:

OK. I will ask again and I will be more specific -
I start to read this guide and when I came to page 9 I saw this /hardware directory.
where is this sample directory tree??!! where is this sample dts file??!!
thank you.

The dts files for TX2 developer kit are:


where is this files?? what i need to download?? it’s not in the Tegra linux sample root FS, it’s not in Tegra186_Linux_R32.4.4_aarch64.tbz2. where is it?? what development stuff i need to install??

It is in the kernel source file in our download center. File name should be L4T Sources .

it’s crazy. i download L4T Driver Package (BSP) Sources it contains lots of tbz2 files inside. nothing clears. i can’t work with it.
thank you but i think i quit from trying.
very disappointed from nvidia.

I am not sure which part is hard. In previous thread, “kernel source file” is mentioned.

And there is only one tbz2 named “kernel_src.tbz2” in the file. If you have questions, asking on forum and you can get help.
If even this is hard to you, then maybe this development board is not suitable. Thanks for trying.

For using developer kit, you can simply boot the system and start development. However, for working on custom board, it requires additional steps to build/replace kernel image. You may start with Kernel Customization in developer guide:

Once you can build/replace kernel image successfully, you can check adaptation guide to modify device tree per USB lane mapping on the custom board.

Dear WayneWWW I’m sorry to tell you but you just terribly wrong. there is not “kernel_src.tbz2” anywhere. I also google it and found broken links.
this is the files:

please update with this and don’t throw me some file that not exist.
and thanks for your honesty, I probably drop all this development stuff.
have a nice day at nvidia!


You said there are lots of tbz2 files inside it.

it contains lots of tbz2 files inside

And that kernel_src.tbz2 is one of the tbz2 files.
If you still don’t see it, take a screenshot and let us check what is inside your tarball.

After downloading the package:

You should see it at:

$ tar xpf public_sources.tbz2
$ ls Linux_for_Tegra/source/public/kernel_src.tbz2