USB 3.0 not working on custom board for TX2-4GB

Hello we have developed a custom carrier for a TX2-4GB module, we have one single USB2.0 and one single USB 3.0, for the USB2.0 we dont have any regulator and is not being powered with 5V, for the USB 3.0 we have a regulator and should be powered with 5V.

The USB 2.0 has a usb hub attached.

The custom board USB3.0 and 2.0 has been created following the developer kit schemes, the connection is as shown in the image:

This configuration should be the same as the TX2 developer kit.

The issue is that when the jetson starts with out carrier board it has the 5V enabled for a few secons (8-10) and then is shuted down.

We have made changes in the kernel tree and succefully flashed it using a TX2 developer kit. In the developer kit the USB 3.0 is enabled and working fine but in our custom carrier does not work.

When generating the image file we have disabled the driver for the INA3221 sensor.

We are working with jetpack 4.3 L4T 32.3.1

Following the adaptation guide) and this post But no success trying the different configurations.

We have changed the following in the kernel tree files:

In tegra186-quill-p3489-0888-a00-00-base.dtsi:

Ports{usb2-2{vbus-supply = <&battery_reg> //changed from <&vdd_usb2_5v>

Without this change, the initialization of the usb 2.0 fails and then no usb port is configured at xusb.c line 1305

In tegra186-quill-power-tree-p3489-1000-a00-00.dtis:

Vbus-2-supply = <&battery_reg> //changed from &vdd_usb1_5v 

Vbus-3-supply = <&vdd_usb2_5v> //changed from &battery_reg 

In tegra186-quill-p3489-1000-a00-plugin-manager.dtsi:

_overlay_ { 
ports { 
     usb3-0 { 
         status = " okay ";  //changed from "disabled"; 

No errors are shown in the dmesg log with this configuration.

So how can I make the usb 3.0 to be with 5V enabled and working?

Thank you

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Please share your schematic if possible. The separated USB2.0 port is connected USB0 not USB1 on devkit.

Hello Trumany ,I have updated the image schematics it was wrong.

It is a issue only on USB3.0 port, right? I don’t see difference between yours and devkit on USB3.0 port. So the dts should be same too. The 5V VBUS is controlled by USB_VBUS_EN1, not sure why it has issue on your board from hardware perspective. Is there any other design difference? You can check the checklist in OEM product design guide to find out if any other potential design issue.

Hello Trumany,

We find out the problem was with the usb switch that we have, it was inverting the usb_vbus_en1 signal, changing this switch has solved the problem.

Thank you.

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