jetson tx2 carrier board(USB 2.0 not detecting after boot-up)

The designed carrier board (jetson tx2) is connected to the computer with USB (usb2.0) after power on, but the computer does not detect it.

How to judge whether to start successfully after power on(jetson tx2)

The first time to design TX2 board, I hope you can help, thank you!

Is this the development kit?

Do you have an HDMI monitor connected without adapters? VGA is not supported since this cuts the wire for automatic video configuration.

The most authoritative way to work with an embedded system to know if it booted correctly is the serial console. For the TX2 see:

If you can see your router’s IP address assignment, then the wired ethernet will show a DHCP request to the router, but note that if you just flashed then probably you won’t be able to use this until you do the one time login account setup which occurs on first boot after flash.

Hi 1316886298,

Have you clarified the cause and get the USB working?
Any result can be shared?