how to design a carrier board for TX2 ( I need your help now!!!)

I have designed a carrier board for The TX2,but it does not work well.The USB port has nothing to output,include the USB_EN signal and the USB_D+,USB_D-。I really don’t know how to achieve it.In addition,the HDMI can’t work also,In fact,its HDMI_HPD signal is always low,but HDMI_HPD should be 3.3V when it is connected to the screen.

I speculate that the TX2 dose not work well,when it is powered up.

how can I make sure That The TX2 is working well.In fact the USB port do not have any signal out put.

Hi, first of all you need to follow the OEM DG to do the design, pay attention to the notes in it to avoid potential risk. You can measure the power sequence as list in OEM DG to make sure the board is powered on correctly.

I have measured the signal of HDMI and Ethernet ,they have output signals.In fact ,the HDMI ,its HDMI_HPD signal is ok now.but the usb can’t work .The USB has nothing output. The USB_EN signal voltage is always 0V.

how to flash the device tree to make the usb can be used.

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