Can i reuse TX1 carrier board for TX2 module ?

Hi Nvidia,

I have Tx1 development board (working) and TX2 development board (Non-working).
My TX2 development board its not switching ON because one register is


  1. I want to use TX1 carrier board for TX2 module, is it possible?

  2. Can i place TX2 module on TX1 development carrier board and use it, will it be compatible?

TX1 and TX2 use the same carrier and are interchangeable.

oh really thanks for info,.
I will try to place the Tx2 module on Tx1 carrier board and update the result.

Thanks again.

Hi linuxdev,

Thanks for your suggestion, i tried to use Tx1 carrier board for Tx2, but i found my Tx2 carrier board was working but the TX2 module is spoiled.
(i mounted TX1 module on Tx2 carrier board and it booted up. then i found that Tx2 module only is not working)

Now need to replace only.