Is will OK TX2 Moduel on TX1 Developer Board?


Is will OK TX2 Moduel on TX1 Developer Board?

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Hi Inhyuk,

Yes, TX2 module is compatible with existing TX1 board and ecosystem products - .


How about the other way around? Is it okay to use TX1 module with TX2 development board?

I can’t guarantee it, but so far as I know the TX1 module should work 100% on the TX2 dev board.

The TX2 has a few pins that the TX1 didn’t, such as for example CAN bus.
If there’s a peripheral that uses those pins “wrong” then there may be an incompatibility.
I can imagine a TX1 board that shorts some pins to ground, or conversely a TX2 board that expects these signals and thus don’t work right with TX1. I haven’t seen any boards like that, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist :-)
(In fact, I haven’t yet seen a board that breaks out the CAN signals to a real connector yet – looking forward to that!)

I put $5 on you finding some issue if you try it. lol

Spoken like an experienced engineer :-)

Several people have reported largely success when using various TX1 carrier boards with TX2 modules, and the NVIDIA carrier board is largely identical between the two, so there is hope! I think it depends on specifics, and my guess is 90% of the time, the specifics work out alright.