Jetson TX2 module mounting on Jetson TX2 developer kit

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I already have an TX2 developer kit and i am intending to purchase a TX2 module, The question is will i be able to mount the new TX2 module on the developer kit to do the development works? or i will need to buy a separate carrier board?

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The TX2 module works on the TX2 developer kit carrier board.

Keep in mind that the developer kit components do not have the same warranty (and especially the same transfer of warranty to end customers if sold as a product), but electrically it won’t matter (I’m sure a lot of people have used a separate module on a dev kit carrier board). The biggest difference is that a module from a dev kit comes with software on it, whereas the module purchased separately has no software. Either way you would very likely want to flash a new kit or new module anyway, so it doesn’t make much difference.

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Please be aware that mounting new TX2 module on a old development board won’t work at all. I have a 2018 Jetson TX2 developer board and I tried mounting a new TX2 module to do some development work on it, but it seems the new TX2 module although looks like a mirror image of the old TX2 module, they won’t work. This is because the NVIDIA had to abide with its permission issues in Europe region and hence they had to re produce an update development board after 2018 and if you are lucky and have one of the new development boards, then mounting the TX2 module on it should work (regardless of the TX2 's make year).
So if you are desperate in getting the TX2 module working without buying a development board then you need to atleast buy a 3rd party carrier board, which will have have ports and interfaces.

As far as I am aware, if you buy a TX2 module separately you may get the jetpack flashed on it by default, but please bear in mind that you need to re-flash it with latest or the jetpack version that suits you, to avoid any issues with deployment.