Replace only TX2 modules on existing boards with new boards


I currently have a TX2 developer board with the circuit burned out. I am not sure the attached TX2 module is broken.

Can I mount only the old TX2 module of the broken TX2 developer board on the new TX2 developer board?

If the TX2 module is not broken, I expect the old TX2 module to work on the new board.

Thank you.

Quite often it is just the carrier board which fails, and it is common to transfer the module to a new carrier board. If you were to use a different model of carrier board, then you would have to add different firmware/board support package. If you transfer to another developer kit carrier board, then it should “just work” (however, there are some really old revision boards which might have some difference, but not something you’d worry about).

Your biggest problem is that you cannot purchase just a dev kit carrier board without also purchasing a module. If you buy a full dev carrier kit beware sales of the dev kit would end in 2020: