Can I use a TX2 NX Module with the carrier from XAVIER NX DEVELOPER KIT?

Hi, I have bought this module: NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX MODULE - 900-13636-0010-000

And I also have this development kit: NVIDIA JETSON XAVIER NX DEVELOPER KIT - 945-83518-0005-000

So, I would like to use the TX2 NX Module with the carrier from the Xavier NX.

Is it that possible?

Thanks in advance

I believe this is possible as we have the Xavier NX dev kits but want to use the TX2 NX SoM for a project we are working on. I think we did this before we started using our custom carrier board. As an aside, we’ve found that some functionality of the SOM may not be exposed on the dev carrier board.

Yes, it’ possibleto use the Jetson TX2 NX module with the Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit carrier board for development.

silly question , can the module also be used on the jetson Nano 2gb carrier?

It might work, but we didn’t do the verification for all peripherials, might be problem there, and it’s not in our suggestions, we will not support it.

darn was hoping for a less expensive upgrade… oh well

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