Jetson TX2 NX Developer Kit?


title says it all. Will there be also a developer kit for the TX2 NX like with the Xavier NX?
Couldn’t find any news about it yet.


Nvidia has said that Jetson Xavier NX devkit carrier board supports TX2 NX modules so I guess there won’t be one at least for now

Okay so buying a Xavier NX dev kit and a TX2 NX module and selling the Xavier NX module? ;)

I guess so - at least until custom carrier boards become widely available (or NX/Nano boards get updated)

That’s correct, there isn’t planned to be a devkit for the TX2 NX, so recommend working with the ecosystem partners or using the NX carrier board. Technically it may be possible for it to work with the Nano carrier with device tree & flash script modifications, however it isn’t an officially supported configuration that I can offer guidance on.