For Use in Nvidia Developer Kit Only ?


I have a jetson tx2 dev-kit. There is written on the tx2 module in dev-kit that “for use in nvidia developer kit only”. I want to disassemble the module from the dev-kit and use it with orbitty carrier. Is that possible ? Or should I buy also a tx2 module for use with orbitty carrier?

Also, is there any guide for wiring of orbitty+jetson tx2 module with pixhawk 2.1 (cube) ? I could not find any tutorial or guide for this.


There should be absolutely nothing preventing you from using your TX2 module with a third-party carrier board. However, any issues related to third-party carrier board will not be officially supported by NVidia, so you will have to contact the board manufacturer for support.


I actually created this topic because nvidia’s official partner in my country said that I should not diassemble the tx2 module in dev-kit. I just wanted to know that whether the tx2 module can be disassembled and used with carrier board or not. I guess your answer is satisfying.

Lots of people use the module with other carrier boards. I forget which specific wrench size it is, but I think it is one of the torx bits used on the dev kit.

You can unmount the module from the devkit if you have a Torx Security bit set, and only after completely removing AC wall power from the devkit. One reason the sticker is there is to give developers pause before they try to unseat the module before completely removing all power from the system (not just booted down, but unplugged from mains). Failure to do so can electrically damage the module.

Another reason for the sticker is that the devkit has a shorter warranty than the OEM module, so for field deployment you should go with the OEM modules.

As for Pixhawk cube in my question, is there any tutorial that you can recommend ?