Can I extract the Jetson TX2 module from the developers board and put on a drone?

Hi everyone,

I apologize if this has been posted elsewhere but I can’t seem to find an answer. I have a Jetson TX2 developers board (love it!) and we’re working on an autonomous drone project that’s to be powered by the Jetson. We’re in the stage where we’re building the drone, checking weights, etc.

I want to now extract the Jetson TX2 module from the Developers board and use it on the drone, however I noticed a sticker that says “For use in NVIDIA’s Developer Kit Only.”

Does this mean I can’t unscrew the mounting screws and heatsink and use it on the drone? or do I have to figure out away to put the entire Developers board on there?

Anyone have any advice?

Thank you

The carrier boards are interchangeable, but you do need different board support packages depending on which carrier is used (device tree and other firmware depend on the board).

I believe the note on using in the developer kit only is more or less a way of saying you shouldn’t use that revision as a method of commercial mass production. The different boards will work regardless, but the modules sold separately would be the ones intended for resale on alternate carrier boards. If you are just using this for your own use and experimentation, then there should be no difference between pulling a module from the dev board and any other module.