Module Jetson TX2

Good Morning,
I wanted to buy a jetson tx2, but I would like if to make an application with cameras, in the final application it would be necessary all the development kit or just with the jetson tx2 valdria module would be enough.
Also, com program the jetson tx2 since for the development kit comes with Jetson TX2i and not Jetson TX2.

Thank you very much.

If you are designing your own carrier, then you can just purchase modules and use with your carrier. Beside this scenario, you must have a carrier board to use module, development kit or a 3rd party carrier board.

Thank you very much for the reply,
What would be an example of a third-party carrier board? I’ve been searching but everything I find needs to be connected to the development kit.

Thank you.

Some random bits of information may be useful for you here…

Drivers for devices typically will work on any carrier if the driver is for hardware within the module itself or is on some external connector which is universal (e.g., USB, perhaps the camera connector as well). An external camera would be an example because the camera is not integrated into the carrier board. Even the dev kit camera is external because it is on a removable socket. On the other hand, a different camera model on this connector would require a different driver (as would a different camera on USB).

Something integrated with the carrier (such as a power controller change) would probably require a different driver.

Different carrier boards with the same functionality may not be directly compatible in the sense that you couldn’t just unplug the module from one and plug it in to the other board. The board support package which tells the module about the layout and content of surrounding components is specific to that board even if the overall functionality is the same. The wrong BSP would probably route the wrong lanes to the wrong pins. If you do use the BSP of a different carrier board, then the drivers present in the module for the external component would not need change (it would be board layout which changes, not the driver, and the layout is part of the BSP).

Custom carriers should come with a BSP which works on top of the o/s distributed with Jetsons (L4T is Ubuntu with hardware drivers added…JetPack is a front end to aid adding L4T or packages…the BSP is a combination of things L4T adds when it adds drivers).