Jetson TX2 and Leopard Carrier coard

recently I bought a Li-TX1-CB kit from Leopaard Imaging. After installing all the drivers from leopard the kit is still not working properly (Usb is not working). I have Jetson with dev kit so does that mean I can’t use it with different carrier boards?


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I don’t know about that specific board, but every carrier needs a different board support package. The BSP will have different firmware and device tree layout. Moving the module from one carrier to a different carrier will require flashing each time.

Li-TX1-CB’s have the same issue as many other non-Nvidia TX2 carrier cards, device tree needs to be modified, see the following link for why and how to modify DTB to have USB working:

@yahoo2016 yes and that’s why Leopard provided their drivers. But still after installing new drivers carrier doesn’t work as it should. I think the problem here lies in my Jetson. It’s designed to work with dev kit only.

No Jetson is designed to work only with the dev kit (the dev kit version just comes pre-flashed with L4T for that carrer…non-dev-kit modules come completely empty). There is almost always some hassle adapting the device tree in the BSP. If your BSP supports only one particular release of L4T you’ll perhaps have to wait for a BSP for that different release even if there was support for older software.

@linuxdev Ok thanks for the info

we have used many Leopard Imaging carrier cards for TX1’s/TX2’s/TX2i’s.
Depending on which L4T version and which camera (IMX185 or IMX274), some old drivers do not have the device tree updated for USB VBUS.
If you are using the binary driver, you need to decompile the provided DTB and check if setting for VBUS has been updated.