Astro carrier for jetson TX1 compatibility

Hi, I’m using Astro carrier board for jetson TX1 which is pretty old version
Few days ago, i bought jetson TX2 with developer kits and i seperate the TX2 module from the board to attach to the astro carrier board.
However, when i give the power, both of USB ports(2.0 and 3.0)don’t work.
First i thought there would be problem with watts but they work well with jetson TX1.
So i want to ask that astro carrier for jetson TX1 doesn’t compatible with jetson TX2.
For more information, unlike other astro carrier boards for jetson TX1/TX2, there is no TX1/TX2 selection switch in my carrier board.
Thank you for fast replies


When using the TX2 module with a Connect Tech carrier you will require our BSP to be installed.
You will need the latest BSP, Jetpack 3.1 and Ubuntu 14.04.1 is recommended when flashing the TX2 module.
Please reference our release notes below for instructions on installing our BSP into your L4T directory.

NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 & TX1 Solution Support

Release Notes

If you have any further questions please email

Carter - Connect Tech Technical Support

Thank you for kind advice. However, to install BSP, i know that it is need to connect astro carrier to the desktop or laptop which Ubuntu is installed, right?
If right, i couldn’t install BSP bacause the USB port in the astro carrier doesn’t work whenever i attatch jetson tx2 module to the carrier.
If i’m wrong, could you tell me how to install BSP to the carrier without connecting via USB to the main computer?

Oh i installed jetpack! thank you and i could see Ubuntu log in display through monitor.
However my usb port of astro carrier still does not work :( How should i do?

Please ensure that our BSP is installed in your Jetpack directory. When flashing your TX2 you will need to use the correct CTI profile.

For Astro Rev G and newer use astro-revG+, for older revisions flash with astro-usb3.
./ astro-usb3 mmcblk0p1

Carter - Connect Tech Technical Support