TX2 developer kit and TX2 module

Hello I am new to here. I am planning to do one surround view system using jetson TX2 and camera. I am planning to buy Jetson Tx2 developer kit. Before that my doubt is , Is it necessary to buy both Jetson TX2 developer kit and Jetson TX2 module?

OR i have to buy only Jetson TX2 developer kit?.

Please anyone help with this as soon as possible


The TX2 developer kit comes with a TX2 carrier board, which has a TX2 module and a camera installed on it. So if you only need a single camera and single TX2 module for testing, the TX2 developer kit is all you need.


Chris Richardson

Hello Chris,

thanks for the information. I have some more doubts. To getting starting with a projects what all the things are necessary. I am planning to do surround view system. When i went through NVidia there are somany things. CUDA, cuDNN, Tensorflow, TensorRT, NSIGHT…SO I am confused. I know C and C++. So please give some tips or solutions to break my starting trouble.

Thanks in advance.

On the software side, you will want to start with NVIDIA JetPack. This will install the components like L4T, CUDA, cuDNN, TensorRT, VisionWorks, and OpenCV to your Jetson from a host PC.