Jetson TX2 Developer Kit

I wish to buy Jetson TX2 Developer Kit. The store price for it is $399. I have two questions.

  1. Does this developer kit come with the GPU and heatsink or do I have to buy that separately.

  2. I assumed that the developer kit would include the GPU module however I am not sure since the price of kit is less than the individual module ($479). I wonder why that be.

Hi namir2, the Jetson TX2 Developer Kit includes a pre-assembled module, heatsink, and carrier board. The TX2 module has the integrated CPU/GPU/memory/eMMC storage/ect. The devkit also includes accessories like the 5MP MIPI CSI camera module, AC power adapter, Wi-Fi antennas, Micro-USB flashing cable, ect. You can find everything that’s included listed here.

It does include the GPU (the GPU is integrated into the TX2 SoC, along with the other onboard processors). That module price is for low quantities of the production module - for more info about that, see this FAQ entry.

Both developer kits and bare modules have GPU. The pure module is without carrier board and without heat sink, but the developer kit includes module, carrier board, heat sink, and fan. The dev kit even includes the correct micro-B USB cable for flashing.

The GPU is integrated directly in the SoC (an iGPU), and it is not possible to have a Jetson without a GPU.

The developer kit does not have a transferable warranty. The warranty and ability to transfer warranty for the non-developer module implies the pure module is suitable for building third party products for sale. Dev kits are not suitable to be an end product for resale.

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