Disassembling the TX2 Dev Kit

I just applied for the TX2 EDU discount and I am wondering:

  1. Does the discount apply to the module of the dev kit? or Either?

  2. If it only applies to the Dev kit, can I purchase the dev kit and then remove the module from under the fan? I am only interested in the module since the Dev kit is too bulky for an autonomous robot.

The normal purchase includes a module mounted on a developer carrier board. The module can be removed. Had you purchased a module by itself there would be no fan/heatsink, but you will find this attached.

Note that you may need Torx security bit set (or similar) to remove newer modules from the devkit. It’s to prevent the module being removed while standby power is attached to the system, which may cause electrical damage to the module and processor.

The EDU discount applies to the devkit only.

Thanks @linuxdev! I was thinking the module comes encased in a heatsink. I think I will go with the Dev kit since I can remove the module and keep the sink/fan.

Btw I found a very good mini board that I plan to connect the module to Sprocket Carrier for NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2/TX2i - Connect Tech Inc.

Thanks @dusty_nv great note!

When you use the mini board be sure to follow the flash instructions with the board support package belonging to this board. Some of the wiring changes so different software is required for those wiring differences.

Thanks @linuxdev for the advice!

Any updates on how this went?

Hey RazazRobotics, I’m thinking of picking up this same carrier board. Were you successful in getting it all set up? Any issues with L4T 28.2?