Can I remove the fan from Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit

Hi, All,

After we have made the demo by Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit, now we want to integrate it to a compact package. Can we remove the fan from it? It seems that the fan occupies a lot of space.

Thanks a lot!

Go here (you may need to log in there, and then hit the URL a second time):

Limit to product Xavier, search for term “thermal” (sorry, the URL tag doesn’t work with this format, you’ll have to copy and paste):$product,jetson_agx_xavier

You will want the thermal design guide. This should answer.

The Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit uses an integrated thermal solution, and the heatsink/fan on the devkit are not removable.

The production Jetson AGX Xavier Module uses the compact Thermal Transfer Plate (TTP) for interfacing with custom thermal solutions, which is covered in the Thermal Design Guide that linuxdev mentioned.

linuxdev and dusty_nv, Thank you very much.