Xavier Fan remove

Does anyone know if the fan can be removed from the GPU of the Jetson AGX Xavier Development kit.

Hi tobietham_91, the Xavier devkit uses an integrated thermal solution which is bonded to the board and not intended to be removed.

For more info please refer to these threads:

Thanks for the assistance.

Does anyone have suggestion on the peripheral for the Jetson Xavier module.

Can anyone assist?

What peripheral do you need? There are many kinds of peripherals (joysticks, speakers, hard drives, punch card readers, CAN bus transievers, and so on.)

And when you ask about the module, are you talking about the module that comes with the devkit (with integrated heatsink and fan,) or are you talking about the module that you can buy as OEM to integrate into your own product?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I will be getting the Xavier module only from NVIDIA and planning to get the carrier board from a third-party. As NVIDIA does not have a devkit that does not come with the fan. We would like to actually put the Jetson Xavier into an enclosed box and place it outdoor. So is there any carrier board out there that is similar to the NVIDIA devkit board.