Remove Xavier developer kit heat sink

Hi, I have a Robocar which currently is driven by a Jetson TX2 developer kit, as shown in the picture below

I would like to replace the TX2 with an Xavier developer kit. However, the Xaiver developer kit is too heavy for me. Can I remove the Xaiver developer kit heat sink? and how?

NVIDIA has previously suggested that, no, the heat sink is not removable on the developer kit.

Your best bet is probably to wait for the Nano form factor Xavier module, that is supposed to become available in March of this year.

FWIW, I have a Xavier devkit and a Zed stereo camera mounted on my RC car, but it’s a 1/8 scale car – your seems only slightly smaller. 1/10 maybe?
The size isn’t really a problem (it’s much smaller than the TX2); the weight might be, but more weight can be compensated with firmer suspension springs.
Mounting with a low center of gravity helps, too.

@snarky ZED use USB port. Did you try other kind of camera? How do you connect the camera to XAiver devkit?

I use the Zed stereo camera, by Stereolabs. It connects with USB 3.
They have an SDK for the Jetson series (works on the Xavier)
They also have a Zed mini, and a Zed two.