Light weight and compact Carrier Board

I am working on a project for a done like flying system, it needs to be as light and compact as possible. I am wondering if anyone knows about a carrier board that is as small and light as possible? The weight now is about 24 oz but it seems like most of the weight is from the heat sink, if there is no compact carrier board maybe I can remove part of the heat sink? Idea?

I don’t need many inputs, just a camera input, usb and HDMI is fine.


Is the heat sink not needed, or overkill? If I just outright removed it I would be worried about damaging the Xavier, what precautions should I take if I remove it?

You might find this of use:

Check the thermal design guide for the AGX Xavier.

thanks! That is very helpful, now I have to decide if I want to risk trying to remove the heatsink…

Hi Scbean, If you removed the heatsink, how did it go ? Can you share your procedure ?