Design carrier board for Xavier

We want design a new carrier board,but has some question need your help,as below:
1: can we remove the FTDI debug circuit?
2: we want remove 2 channel USB3.1 Type C, replace by one channel USB 3.0 type A
3:Replase USB2.0 micro B as Type A(#0),will use this port for force recovery
4:will remove UFS port
5:use PCIe x1, add a 1Gb ethernet port.
6:Our power supply is 12V/6A ,its ok ?
7:Optimized power supply,will remove the power supply MCU,?
please help,thanks

Hi, please check product design guide in DLC first, there are examples for custom design which you can refer to.

Hi Trumany:
we have this design guide,but its havnt show the total power supply,our MAX is 12v/6A,the Xavier kit power adapter its more than this, so we dont sure our 12V/6A is ok for the Xavier Moudle, please help check it,thanks

The general power consumption of module is 10W - 30W. 12V 6A is sufficient for that.