Power consumption of Jetson Xavier


I’m designing a carrier board for Jetson Xavier, for a relatvely low power system.
I’m aware of the 10W, 15W and 30W power modes of Xavier, but would like to get a more accurate consumption that is according to my specific configuration (what i’m operating, what interfaces i’m using. the difference between 30W and 22W is big in my system.
is there a power calcuator for Xavier? that I can input parameters and get the consumption?
similar to FPGAs power calculators.


Hi Tohar, if you desire more accurate guidelines than the 10/15/30W modes, given the number of factors it would best be recommended for you to profile your workload configuration on the devkit and measure the power consumption.

To measure the power consumption in realtime, you can probe the onboard INA sensors. For more info about using the INAs, please see section 5.3 of the Jetson AGX Xavier Thermal Design Guide.

Thanks for the fast response.
The solution you are offering requires implemetnting/operating the full workload on the Xavier, but I don’t have it at these early stages of the project.
I need a tool that will help me estimate the power consumption, based on the usage I’m planning to have.
For example in FPGAs, there are power calculators (excel based) where you input the clock frequency, number of PLLs in the design, amount of logic and FFs, number of serdes used and their operating rate, etc. and get the expected consumption. it allows you to plan the board based on estimation of the required resources of the FPGA.
I’m looking for similar tool for Xavier, obviously the resources will be different than in FPGA.


Adding one more question to that topic -
In each power mode - what is the current consumption of each rail? 12V and 5V?
I didn’t find this information in the datasheet.


Hi, that’s not public, you can manually measure the current in each mode.


How can I design the carrier board if I don’t know what power supplies to put on my board?
i don’t need to know the consumption of each of the internal rails of the SOM, only what to prepare for the 5V supply.
measuring on the kit is a good idea - only that i would have the actual SW content only a few months from now, but i’m planning the board now…
I appriciate your help.


You can roughly use the value of power mode to calculate the current, e.g. Imax@5V = 3A = 15W/5V, that will give enough tolerance.

my assumption is that the main supply is the HV supply (12V in my case) and the 5V supply current will be low. of course i can prepare 2.5A for the 12V and 6A for the 5V supply (30W mode)to be totally covered, but it is not a reasonable design…

Also you can refer to this topic for maximum current of 5V: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1043790/?comment=5295494