Measuring idle power of AGX

I’m trying to measure power on a truly idle Jetson AGX Xavier. Is there a way to do this without running tegrastats as the instrumentation itself adds some load/overhead? Are there any hardware counters etc that can be used?

You can read the current and voltage of input power supply to get the consumption value.

Okay. Any external power monitors that are recommended?

We have no suggestion on that.

Thanks. How much difference would there be between power supply current/voltage versus on-board measurements?

I don’t get your meaning. What’s the on-board measurements do you mean? You can get the real power consumption from power supply.

I was referring to the values that tegrastats reports: VDD_CPU, VDD_GPU, VDDRQ, VDD_SOC, VDD_CV, SYS5V. Does of the sum of all these capture the entire power of the devkit including all peripherals?

No, the sum of that is for module only.

Okay. I found another thread that says that I/O power is part of SYS5V: Jetson AGX Power information - #5 by apache8080. Is this correct?
If yes, what other power components are not captured in the sum above?

That IO power is for module IO ports, not include external devices on carrier board.

This is very helpful, thanks. Could you please tell me which are the module I/O ports?

You can get the IO ports based on the devkit carrier board P2822 schematic in DLC.

I went through the carrier board schematic. Is my understanding correct- module I/O includes the power consumed by the PCIe/USB controllers but not the M.2 slots/USB ports exposed by the carrier board?

All used IO port will consume some power.

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