Jetson watt measures


We measured the Jetson Xavier input power running in MAXN in two ways:

  1. We measured with an external Clamp meter running on the Jetson power input line

  2. We read the internal Nvidia measures as describe here

As for Nvidia there are 4 parts:

GPU,CPU,SOC,DRR Nvidia measures 12V as an input for 3/4 of them and 5V for the DRR. Therefore the total watt is lower than our external measurement.

Even in maxn mode nvidia internal measures reports ~29-32 watt, comparing the external reports that measure 46-50W.

Any ideas why are we getting those differences?



We are following

combine all of them on Jetson Xavier with MAXN does not pass 30W, but on external probing we get around 50W

Output of the reading on MAXN

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hello alon2,

could you please also check reported statistics with tegrastats utility.

Hey JerryChang,
Any reason for that to report something different?

hello alon2,

please check reported statistics with tegrastats utility and share the results.