Powerinput of Jetson Xavier Dev Kit

Hi Nvidia Team,

I have a question on the power input of the Jetson Xavier developer kit. I try to find out the power consumption of the device. So I have used the INA Sensor to get the current values of the railways from CPU,GPU,CV,SYS5,DDRQ. I have summed them up like in the example below. For a power mode like 15W it is nearly accuratly 14-15W.

Now I wanted to find out if the measured power consumption is the same as the actual power from the outlet. And here is my question. I found a very big delta between those two. The power from the outlet was like 23W (in 15W Mode) while the INA Sensore reportet 14-15W. On a higher Watt-level it is similar. The power from the outlet in MAXN Mode was 50W while the INA Sensor geportet 39W. First a thought it could be a line loss by the power supply but since the power supply is a AC Adapter with efficiency level 6, the loss cant be over 0.100W in the area of 0-60W.

How can this difference between the power measurement from the outlet and the INA Sensor exist and is there a possibility to measure the power that enters the jetson at the power jack directly to find out how much power enters the jetson.

The example shows to different measures. It should show I used the INA Sensor.
Not summed up:
Summed up:
1674726172.0; 32926.0
1674726173.0; 37969.0
1674726174.0; 39970.0

Thanks for your answers.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Are your measuring the total power of devkit? The INA monitors only show power consumption of rails on module which is certainly lower than that of devkit.


ok thats nice to know, thank you very much. Currently I use a laboratory power supply and I figured out, that the INA sensor is not as inaccurate as I thought before. With the measurements I have made now am relatively satisfied, after I replaced the power supply, the measurements also matched some dimensions.

Thanks for your help.

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