Jetson Xavier NX power measurement software usage

I wanted to know if there is a way to enable software to measure the Xavier NX power consumption as it provided for the Xavier AGX which desribed in the document Jetson AGX Xavier Thermal Desig Guide, section 5.3 power measurement software usage?

I tried to find in the document Jetson_NX_Xavier_Thermal_Design_Guide which I downloaded from the NVIDIA download center, but I couldn’t find any section which provide these information.

I tried to find the directory /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/ina3221x, or any file with name such as 'in_power(0\1\2)_input, but I couldn’t find any thing.

I am using JetPack 5.0.1.


For Xavier NX we have the tool:
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Please take a look and try.

The tool seems to be very usfeul for early estimation how much power will be consumed and base on it guide you how your platform shall be configured and how to design your product.

But, stil it is an estimation.
What is the right way to measure by SW the actual consumed power:
Is it true that I shall runtime summerize the VDD_IN, VDD_CPU_GPU_CV and VDD_SOC values displayed by the Power monitor tool:

Or maybe shall I runtime read the rails values as desribed here:
Jetson Xavier NX Series

If not, please guide me how can I do that during runtime - How to measure the actual power?

Yes, in software, we read the data from INA3221, which is the part circled in red. You can also run sudo tegrastats to get the data.

Thank you for your clarification,
I wondering if it is OK that somtimes when my application is running the total sum of the three rails is greater than 20W while the selected nvpmodel mode is 20W 6cores.

I have these questions:

  1. How it is possible that the W level can be greater than what is detailed regarding to a specific selected nvpmodel mode?

  2. What is the meaning and what can be the impact on the board when the W is greater than the maximum that shall be?

  3. Are there any control steps that my application can do durng tuntime in order to return the current W level to be no more than the maximum?