How to test the NX ,keep the max power mode,included CPU and GPU. can provide the software

we want to test the NX device keep max performance included cpu and GPU.
can provide the sofeware to keep the NX max AI GPU computing power。


hello qitb,

please review Supported Modes and Power Efficiency.
you should toggle the power modes by using the nvpmodel GUI.

the method i known.
I mean What software to run on NX ,the NX will work full.Provide the general app or shell cmd.


hello qitb,

did you mean the test-app to fully occupy both CPU and GPU? ​

may I know what’s the actual use-case?
there’s CPU stress tool to simulate huge tasks to reach 100% CPU loading.
you may also enable CUDA examples, such as nbody, to measure GPU performance.

for CPU max load, stress command you can use.

$ sudo apt-get install stress
$ stress --cpu `nproc`

and to test GPU with max load, refer this thread

thanks very much