Xavier how can I do stress test on the device?

Hello, I’d like to hold a thermal test on my device which Xavier implemented.
How can I force it to consume around 30W?
Is there any packages or commands to do it?

Thank you.

Hi yo2avtj,

Please refer NVPModel Clock Configuration for Jetson AGX Xavier table from https://docs.nvidia.com/jetson/l4t/index.html#page/Tegra%2520Linux%2520Driver%2520Package%2520Development%2520Guide%2Fpower_management_jetson_xavier.html%23

Hi kayccc,

Thank you for your reply. I know it and I set nvpmodel as 0(MAXN).
I’d like to know if there is the way to place the load which is enough to consume 30W power on CPU & GPU.
I’ve tried to run yolov3 on the device but it consumes only around 17W.

I’d appreciate it if you have any ideas.
Thank you.