Jetson AGX Xavier Powering Off Under Load

We have an Xavier setup in a vehicle and it will occasionally power off (not go through the shutdown sequence) when the vehicle starts. The Xavier does not consistently power off when the vehicle starts, and we can’t find a scenario that consistently causes it to happen. The vehicle’s power system has a nominal voltage of 14 volts and does not drop below 10 even during crank (100Mhz scope). We have it set to use the 30W power mode. This does not happen on the original power supply.

Here’s what we’ve tried:

  • a boost converter to 17V and a 1000uF capacitor
  • We’ve put a 1Ah 12v lead acid battery in parallel with the vehicle battery as well as a 5 farad capacitor (which one would think is overkill), all behind a diode to prevent current from flowing to the rest of the vehicle when the voltage drops on the vehicle side.

We’re thinking the device may be defective. Wondering if there are any suggestions, a recommended circuit, a change to the nvpmodel. We need this system to be reliable and can’t afford it turning off when the driver starts the car.

hello lharri73,

had you follow Jetson AGX Xavier Series OEM Product Design Guide to design the power-supply?
there’s PowerEstimator, it is a power estimation tool for Jetson systems-on-module (SOMs). It estimates average SOM power consumption and generates an nvpmodel configuration file for the system configuration and target workload being modeled.

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