Power supply issue on Jetson Agx Xavier with power bank

Hello~ I’m using power bank to power the agx. The power bank I use supplies PD power , and it support 100w output . However, when I run YOLOX with tensorrt model ,needing about 40w power (I got this data when I using PD Charger) , It would shutdown automatically . Should I change the cable or do what to solve this issue?
The output of the power bank I use is as below:
TypeC output: (12v,3a) (5v,3a) (15v,3a) (20v,5a)
Also , the display of power bank shows it uses 20v to power my Agx.
Thanks for everyone~

Hi, is it possible to use a DC supply to your Xavier? That can validate if it is power band capability issue. A shorter cable might be helpful if it is a voltage drop issue with cable.

Hi ,Thank you for your reply! Both DC and Typec-Charger can supply my Xavier . ummmmm , my cable is quite short. And it can supply my xavier through charger . Only if I use power bank, I would meet power supply issue.

So it looks more like a power bank capability issue then. Not sure if any solution can be used on this, maybe you can try some super capacitors to the output of power bank? Hope someone has such experience can be shared.

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