12V battery powered abnormal shutdown


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Xavier is powered by a 12V20A battery. When the test program is started, the system shuts down. It is no problem to use the 19V original adapter for power supply. What could be the cause and how to troubleshoot

The Xavier is powered by a 12V20A battery.After starting the Object Detection API program, the system will shut down.Using the 19V original adapter power supply is no problem.What are the possible causes and how can they be resolved

Power must be stable. If the cables are too low of a gauge, or if cables are too long, then this might occur. If the power connector itself has too much resistance, then this too might be a problem.


Diànyuán bìxū wěndìng. Rúguǒ diànlǎn de xiàn guī tài dī huò diànlǎn tài zhǎng, zé kěnéng huì fāshēng zhè zhǒng qíngkuàng. Rúguǒ diànyuán liánjiē qì běnshēn de diànzǔ tài dà, nàme zhè yě kěnéng shì yīgè wèntí.

The resistance of the power supply terminal is 0.2 ohms, the peak current is 3A, and the power supply voltage fluctuation is less than 0.3V.

I could not tell you if that is too much of a variation, but this does seem like a bit high on resistance. Someone else may be able to say if the 0.3V fluctuation is too much, but keep in mind that the time span over which this fluctuation occurs is also important (0.3V over a minute is far different than 0.3V over 100 micro seconds).

Thank you, the internal resistance of the system power meter is too large, it has been resolved!