Xavier AGX Developer Kit Power Adaptor

I tried using using a 18.5v 3.5A power adaptor but it always shutdown during boot, my original adaptor is lost.

I have 19V 9A power adaptor and my question is will 9A be too much for AGX to handle at 19V.


I think the shutdown issue is related to soldering the barrel jack. maybe the this very sensitive to surges.

solved the issue with 12V 5A supply, it turn out the problem was with cheap adaptor which is cant output stable current under load.

Good to know issue resolved. Thanks for the update.

Hi, So power brick works but when i try to run a model for a long time then system crashes without any errors or today i tried to , it’s correlated with GPU usage but the power brick is 18.5V 3.5A Maybe this is not enough? I tried with MAX mode.

here is the log
dsmeg.log (73.8 KB)

Again it turned out to be the problem with power brick, it’s all good for 30W but it dips voltage to 17. when consumption is above 50W and Xavier doesn’t seem to appreciate that.

so my question 19 V @ 9A too much to handle for Xavier or I should look for stable 65W brick?

9A current is no problem, as long as voltage is between 9 and 20 Volts.

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