Jetson Xavier Developer Kit Power Supply

Hi all,

I lost the supplied power adapter with AGX Xavier Developer Kit. So I want to use another adapter to supply developer kit.
Is 12V - 1.5A DC adapter available to supply Xavier Developer Kit ?
Can you give any adapter advices ?

Thanks for all !

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The power supply is rated 9v - 20v, the power consumption is about 10w - 30w, you can choose adapter accordingly.

Thanks for your reply.
Is the following adapter compatible with dev kit ?

You can try that since its output seems OK.

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But the connector also needs to fit, right? Can anyone confirm that particular supply worked?

Put in an other way, would the 5.5*2.5 MM connector work for the Jetson?

confirmed here “It’s a 2.5mm x 5.5mm barrel connector”: Portable Power Supply - #11 by snarky

The DC connector on board is 2DC-G213-B73F, Singatron Enterprise Co., Ltd. (USA)