Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit - Power via 12V adapter?

Hi all,

The new Jetson Xavier NX is apparently delivered with a 19V adapter, but the User Guide, in the “Power Guide” chapter, mentions that “The Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit requires a 9−20V power supply”.
Can you confirm that 12V are sufficient to power the board, provided that the 12V power supply I use is rated for a sufficient amount of amps (~3.1A is what I have in mind)?
The reason for that is that I want to power the DevKit through a current measurement device, which runs a 12V line (and can convert it for 5V, as I was doing with my previous Jetson Nano Developer Kit). My idea is now to use the 12V line for the Xavier NX.


Thank you very much

Please follow the guide, voltage level in range of 9-20V is OK.

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