Jetson Xavier NX developer kit mobile project

I am trying to figure out how to go about finding a power source for this device that is standalone. I want to take this device out into the field without having to use wall outlets to power it. because it has a power input of 9v-19v I am not able to use an average power bank due to its 5v output.

does anyone have experience doing a mobile project with the Xavier NX? a lot of the videos I’m finding for mobile projects are for the nano.

I have not worked with the NX, but for many portable projects we have used LiPo multicell batteries that are designed for radio control helicopters, cars, etc. The three cell batteries put out between 12V when fully charged, down to about 9V when discharged. They are readily available at hobby shops, along with battery chargers, affordable, and come in many different amp-hour capacities depending on your needs.
You will have to make an adapter between the battery terminals and the barrel jack.
Don’t discharge them below 9V or they will die…
Hope this helps.

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hello ntrozzi,

according to Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit User Guide, and please check [Power Guide] session.
The Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit requires a 9−20V power supply. The 19-volt power supply packaged in the kit attaches to power jack [J16].
you may also check NX Product Design Guide for your product development and implementation.