Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit Portable Powering considerations

Hey everyone,

Bit of a noob when it comes to electronics.

I’m creating a robot that relies on a Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit.

My robot already has a big battery that has 12V DC and 24V DC outputs, and it seems that the battery current output is rated at 20 A.

Could I hook up my Xavier’s powerjack to the 12V DC terminal? Will the 20A from the battery fry the Xavier?

Or will the Xavier only draw the current it needs from the 12V terminal and 20 A is just the max output current?

Not quite understanding this.

Ideally I’d like everything to run off this big battery.

So if this does not work, I wonder what I can do to get the Xavier to adapt to my current battery. Add some resister circuit to drop the amps? Have the big battery charge a smaller battery / capacitor that charges the Xavier?

Thanks for your patience.

It is OK to use 12V input to DC jack on NX dev kit. Jetson only draw the current it needs.

Hi @Trumany, is it ok if I use 3 or 4 Li-Ion (18650, 3.7V) batteries to power the NX?
Correct me if i’m wrong, i can provide any power source as long as the VOLTAGE is between 9−20V? And the amount of current has no upper limit and doesnt matter since it only draws the required current?

The voltage should be in the range and the current upper limit doesn’t matter as Jetson only draw the current it needs.

@Trumany Thanks! so in the 18650 battery case, i just have to use an adapter to convert the battery output to a 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel jack for the power input of Xavier NX?

Yes if the output voltage is in the range.