Jetson Xavier NX how to use a Battery

i am trying to set a battery to my jetson xavier nx and doing a little research, i found that the xavier nx has to be in 5v or 12v so i’m not sure what the correct voltage is for the jetson xavier nx. in the past i work with the jetson TX2 that the channel jetsonhack explain very well how to use a lipo battery por the jetson tx2 and some post in this forum that explain that the correct voltage for the TX2 was 12v and it works for me, so if someone can tell me which one is the correct voltage for the xavier nx , i would appreciate it a lot. i don’t want to burn my xavier nx.

Please refer to spec of carrier board (P3509 A01), the DC jack supply range is 9~20V, the main power supply to module is 5V. If you plan to supply dev kit thru DC jack with battery, 9~20V range is for that.