Alimentation of the Devboard NX Power 12v?


The alimentation of the Devboard NX is 19V for 30W.

Currently, our project has just 12V, I would like to know has ideas or had the same project and found a solution.

Changing the card is Very expensive.

Any suggestions? We have no idea how we can manage that.

The Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit requires a 9−20V power supply.
So a 12V power supply should be good, as long as it able to deliver 30W.

Thanks! pretty weird; I could connect directly a battery car to nx… pretty weird but correct in deed :)

I will install a power filter to have a better signal,


I am still looking for the DC Power Connectors. I think this size will be good 2.5x5.5x11. Am i Right?

P/N of the DC Jack on devkit is 2DC-0005B206F,