Jetson NX Power Supply choice

I wanted to check if this power bank can be used to power a Jetson NX or if it would fry it.

The real power consumption for the NX if I wanted to run it on 15W mode for 3.3hrs is ~50 Watt-hours. I have a power bank that outputs 5V at 10000 mAH so around 50 Wh.

Is that okay to use or will that fry the NX?

Battery pack Specs
Capacity: 10,000 mAh
Inputs: Type-C 5V/2.4A
Outputs: Type-C 5V/2.4A, USB-A 5V/2.4A, Wireless output 5w,7.5W, 10W
Total Output: 17 Watt Max

Please refer to the user guide in DLC:

The power supply to devkit should be 9~20V, Xavier NX will only draw the current as needed.