Battery for Xavier NX

Could anyone recommend a good battery (and charger) to use for the Xavier NX?

edit to add: Dev kit, not module.


Hope someone has such experience can be shared. In general, the power supply of 5V @ 15W should fit the request.

You may try this one, which output 5v 3A.

You probably also need this USB 2.0 to 5.5 x 2.5mm DC 5V to connect battery to NX.

Just make sure don’t buy the wrong cable as many on Amazon are for 5.5 x 2.1mm, which is not for Xavier NX.

Uhm, the NX devkit carrier board needs 9-20V. You can’t power it with 5V and the 5V pins on the 40-pin header will only PROVIDE power, not accept it.

Thanks @gtj, I don’t think a 5V usb supply will cut it. Maybe @Colin and @Trumany were thinking of the module? I am talking about powering the dev kit.

Thanks everyone for the replies.

You’re right. I have a NX module on Nano B01 board, which works with 5V battery. I didn’t realize the NX dev kit is 19v. Thanks for the info.

I am thinking either something like this:

or this:

or, for a ready made solution, something like this:

Any thoughts?
Thinking probably better to go with a 4S battery or find a 5S one. I will keep searching

I went with a talentcell rechargeable 12v battery pack for my project.
Works for me. Don’t have to add a charger or on/off switch, monitor. Comes with a cord to plug in your nx @ 12v 6A. A 9v 1A & 5v usb 2A outputs are also there for other things. You can run in high power mode fine.